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tv   News  RT  April 10, 2018 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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a violent standoff between police and environmentalists continues for a second day in france and barricades have been burning while police have fired tear gas. script paul is discharged from the hospital following last month's nerve agent attack exceeding doctors initial assessments that she never recovered. alleged chemical attack in syria it was staged as no traces of banned substances were found at the scene that's according to russia's representative to the u.s. and. interviews not a single local resident confirmed the chemical attack everything taken place the bodies of people killed by chemical agents have not been found. and in his new show
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on our t.v. peter schmeichel talked to the president of the says football fans should not hesitate to come to the world cup in russia despite the calls from some politicians and media to stay at home. from all of us here in moscow welcome to the program. first protesters have been burning barricades while police have fired tear gas near the french city of months that's as a standoff by environmentalists continues for a second day police have been trying to evict protesters from the their camp and r.t.s. charlotte was caught up in the actual you can see that we just had to gas fires into this compass trying to move decides demonstrators away and that's because just in the foreground bit difficult to see behind some of the smoke a some of the structures that some people have been living in some. protests disappearing on this
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site since two thousand and eight they say it's their land and they won't stay and we've been speaking to one young mother who's got a fifteen month old son who's been living here for seven years and this is what she told us about her thoughts on losing her house which looks like it's next in line to be demolished i think i'm pushing away any kind of review emotional attachment to the buildings right now maybe a cry later to me where all in this together and create crushing a building on those on the side is crushing a building on the sides i think i cried first on the lawn i think i cried. for me it just means that we have less buildings for all of us together and that's the shame i don't think i want to particularly attach a sentimental attachment to these buildings i happen to live in i have a fifteen month old child who lives here as well and he's not here right now because. because there's some horrible people there and take as well the tear gas is continue to rain down here on day two and just behind me you can see that
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they're actually just soaring down a tree and anything that they can do they're bringing doors in or anything they can do to barricade themselves in from the police to defend this land this land that they say is that learn to defend. my. if i am. the beam of him in the field have to. make a. good. world at least are just about
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a hundred meters down in the distance and ready for waiting whether they're going to charge for the. if. the police are now trying to push everybody away a tactic that we've seen earlier in the day where they utilized by getting rid of all of the sadness or the activists i. am. well the protesters are so desperate to hold on to this ground there's one person behind me who's actually just grabbing at a small pebbles and mud to be able to fling that at the officers we actually saw some people flinging mud directly at offices yes they were just going to try and get a little bit closer don you might be able to see somebody there one of the scientists or activists threw in projectiles this is bottles glass bottles plastic bottles as well as bricks towards the c.r.'s and there you can see where we're getting some
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things thrown back at them that would be some tear gas going off there don you can hear it's quite loud it's prey larry and that to gas can reach really far probably about one hundred fifty meters when it is fired the police the c.r.'s have a lot of work to do if their aim is to raise or this entire site is to take place it's unlikely it's going to be finished today because the ziad resistance is very strong but we know that the force of the police is also that around two and a half thousand gendarmerie are here and the government is determined this will be it once and for all the end of sant. doctors in salisbury have confirmed that your script all has been discharged from the hospital following last month's nerve agent attack but she's asked for the media to respect her privacy her father sergei is also on the road to recovery but at a slower rate they have now discharged from salzburg district hospital yulia has
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asked for privacy from the media and i want to reiterate her request her father has also made good progress. on friday and i'm stuart he was no longer in a critical condition. although he's recovering more slowly than new year we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course when the souls reed hospital has issued that short statement confirming that us cripple has indeed been discharged and they said that this isn't the end of her treatment but it marks a significant milestone report suggests that she left last night that she's been taken to an undisclosed location where she can be safe from the media the foreign secretary boris johnson has tweeted saying congratulations that is wonderful that you out of hospital and his to have full and speedy recovery and there's already been reaction from the russian embassy here in the u.k. saying that we congratulate you on her recovery but we need urgent proof that
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what's being done to her is being done according to her own free will now the medical recovery that yulia scripts are and to a lesser extent her father have made is being presented as nothing short of extraordinary given the severity of the nerve agent that they were said to have been exposed to five weeks ago. were found slumped on not park bench in seoul's glory and very soon afterwards the british government announced that they had been poisoned with a deadly nerve agent one that the government lib orangery have alton down had identified as the charm and surround the media scandal and the in searing diplomatic who allowed the medical gnosis for the script files was catastrophic grave many chemical weapons experts were saying that they wouldn't survive and
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media reports in the first few days some of them even jumped the gun saying that the script had been murdered and when she pointed the finger of blame the prime minister to reason may was also. pessimistic when talking about the script pal's condition sadly late last week doctors indicated that their condition is unlikely to change in the near future and they may never recover fully but despite the hospital releasing this statement saying that you. has been discharged the story here is already being spun in a particular way it's being spun in a particular direction again some of the media reports here now a keen to make one thing clear to paraphrase a b.b.c. report from this morning the idea that yulia and her father going to make a full recovery is wrong they're going to be permanently damaged by what's been done to them. the scruples were said to have been poisoned by the so-called no
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which are class of nerve agent developed in the soviet union although it was never called by that name it is said to cause permanent damage and even death and is believed to be one of the the most deadliest set of substances of its time the british foreign secretary boris johnson claimed the government's porton down military lab had attributed the agent to russia and confirmed it was no richo something later denied by the labs chief when i look at the the evidence from the people from from portland they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy so i said are you sure and he said there's no don but typically you will not tell you to look all down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that. we spoke to overlap it from the foundation for strategic research who believes this type of nerve agent is extremely damaging. to be very toxic highly toxic five to eight times more toxic than the x.
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which is already very very toxic so small amounts should have killed. for sure but what is still very. difficult to assess today is how did movie joke was delivered to the victim. before we know exactly how the novi joke was delivered to the team it's very difficult to assess the amount of the chemical agent that was in contact with the victims. fake and staged that was the verdict of russia's envoy to the u.n. over the latest alleged chemical attack in syria reports on saturday claimed dozens had died in the city of duma after chlorine gas was dropped on the area russia says syria is ready to accept independent chemical experts to either prove or contest moscow's conclusions. for to do some fucked for the me right now we cannot confirm the use of chemical weapons but we also want independent experts to give their
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assessment we vitally organizations to the precipitation of chemical weapons experts to visit the sites and we will work hard to make this visit happen we cannot blindly believe in the results of investigations achieved from a distance and. these are pictures from inside do look at the scene of the alleged attack russia's military and chemical experts have already searched the area but no trace of banned substances was found. with more on the latest u.n. security council session here as our teams in the upper trick of the most powerful people in the world say things like you will face the most serious consequences or there will be a big price to pay what or who was meant to calm things down people in this room was nelson one of the liberation of duma from rebel fighters russian special. specialist in radiological chemical and biological protection to collect evidence and information in interviews non-single local president confirmed the chemical
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attack have been say can place bodies of people killed by chemical agents have not been found and chemical personnel and residents have no information about their potential areas therefore the use of sarin and chlorine has not been confirmed i could hold up pictures of babies lying dead next to their mothers brothers and sisters toddlers and infant still in diapers all lying together dead who does this. only a monster this aside from that the envoys to are speaking the language of threats some women and men who are from venus and mars but rather it's the teams from the opposite sides of the security council table looks like we shouldn't really expect any decisions being made together. if the critic of it in a court of its own mandate do and gain in the notion that piece of security and not
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polled international low to for godsake ensure a make a move move on do investigate if the allegation and attribute responsibility. history will record the moment when the security council either discards. or demonstrate under and complete to protect the people. here were. well worth. stuff and de mistura is if you haven't forgotten vu ones meant to sort out syria even the most obvious suggestion from him to probe to send qualified people to inspect the alleged chemical attack site didn't help that's something the russian military has already done by the way they went into duma went to hospitals spoke to locals no signs of a chlorine attack were found by them moscow says send in o.p.c. w.
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mission to the area right now the armies of russia and syria are promising to protect the u.n. staff there are. no good decision for the prohibition of chemical weapons which said it's ready to investigate this matter should immediately morrow you go to damascus. surprisingly london did say it was a good idea not that as a result of the session we heard such a call being officially made in the meantime the official line coming out of the u.n. altogether is don't expect much from a. viewer so just as much in the dark is the most of those. you know we're going to decision at this point to independently verify the allegations well even if you want to vesta gaiters and up and let's hope it's not too late meanwhile media outlets haven't been holding back in giving their advice
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to presidents trump and mccrone on how to react to the situation we spoke to former us presidential candidate ron paul who's the chairman of the institute of peace and prosperity. in the time when a crime is committed in this country the stations when they're not sure they're careful they say this is allegedly but they never do this under these circumstances they have zero bits of information it's over and over again they had to the person is guilty and that is the person is you know the russians and the syrians are guilty of a crime and it goes over and over again you know did that is the cripples and then they finally had to give up here know that nothing came panned out so they had to go on to a new one so it's one runs out of steam they create another fake news program. i think the least likely would be his sod this whole idea i saw it's over and over again ten times today assad is gassing his own people and i've said it every time i haven't a son in a month or two later they proved it was absolutely wrong so i cannot see any reason
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why assad would do this there's no reason for a russian have done this there's somebody who wants to serve trouble and the people who want to stay there. the russian currency plunges to new lows that story and others after a short break. you know when you don't. see. what the. what the most. left on the hill said. no seven to let. you speak french.
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welcome back to the program with just weeks to go before the football world cup kicks off in russia r.t.s. launching a new show hosted by the legendary goalkeeper peter schmeichel and the first episode he speaks to the president of fifa germany in frontino here's a short clip for you it is no secret is a lot of tension between the world and the well cup host nation. afifa how are you
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dealing with that i mean how you sort of coming in making this the best event in the world with all that's going on at the moment by focusing on football i think that's the key and that's the secret we have to focus on full but i think there are enough. suddenly people around the world to try to just you know divide or argue or dispute or whatever we have to try to unite football easy uniting some of the spin from western media is that it's not safe to go to russia you know security is not good enough don't go off scene you know in england they're basically saying to the fans don't go it's not safe what what would you say to that is it safe to go to russia of course of the safe to go to russia. for this and it will be very safe but it will be even safer the world russia during
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the world cup because the authorities in russia very much aware of what the world cup means and they want to show as well a welcoming country and preparations in terms of security for the world cup beyond any other. event or any other situation so the conditions will be there for a very safe world cup and obviously those who want to go and enjoy football and enjoy a part of the summer they should go to russia those who want to go to have riots or whatever they buy the book will almost exactly goes home with. the leader of the lebanese political party and militant group hezbollah has
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revealed washington offered to remove it from the terror watch list and give it financial aid if it drops its resistance to israel arties he says that they picked up the story. the u.s. terror list arguably the most dangerous list in the world and if you're on the database you just seem there's no way out of big brown to that international threat right wrong if you want your name scratched off for good harry options you could become a friend of a friend the chief of hezbollah that any share political and military movement with links to iran says the united states offered the group the chance to be removed from its national terror watch list but there was a catch jay you believe salomon because you need a good message from the u.s. was president saying that the u.s. is ready and that will be a part of the lebanese government billions of dollars and be removed from the ter lists but on the two conditions first one is that work for the americans and the second is that will stop resisting the israeli your patience israel's our very firm
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a strong our say basically as long as you're nice to washington's friends i'm for fair the proof that money talks look no further than the peoples moshe has been organization of iran doesn't matter that you killed american personnel and civilians top notch lobbyists will do the job politicians will back you at rallies people who are islamic but what martin and secular t.v. ads will proclaim your innocence from t.v. screens. any k. is a ranch democratic opposition working for a nuclear free iran founded on human rights unjustly listed a terrorist group i mean is the victim of. this human. lucky allies this next option is simple just sits and waits until the tax for me if the noble peace prize winner nelson mandela waited till days before his ninetieth birthday what a nice present from washington and five years later at his funeral all was forgiven
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and forgotten to the day said that the world thank you for your notes to go with us. his struggle was your strong. but the boat the birds in those three hundred or waters that. same mentality now widely seen as an international hay right was branded as an international threat the decades long simmering military. used to be. that. is just like a ridge line for you that you would not designate. as they're going to you know on the battlefield there are groups that meshed together individual fighters or groups of fighters it's not a clean situation all the time so it's a pass that being on the u.s. terror list may have little to do with that big terrorist however it is using what you might call the carrot and stick approach and rob the handy way for
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a government to achieve its strategic goals if you look and see who has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the united states they are always the governments that seek to be independent from the united states or have challenge us hegemony in their area or in their country thus the label is purely political it doesn't really say anything about terrorism or about the people who are saying under the foreign terrorist organization label it's a form of bullying on a grand scale. russia's currency the ruble went into a nosedive early on tuesday it suffered its biggest single day fall and more than two years the currency plunge comes hot on the heels of sharp falls in russian stocks on monday some companies including russia's biggest aluminum producer receive all lost almost half of their values it holds new u.s. sanctions imposed last friday against top russian businessmen and their companies
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professor of economics at kingston university steve king things things imposing new sanctions by the u.s. is another attack on russia. decided something more serious because this continued attempt to amend by america to create conflict with russia. just doesn't seem to be ending the script how case now we've got the you allege chlorine bombing in syria. he just seems that the whole tena is to cause conflict between out of states and russia and the incidents may be a originated through allegedly written letters from russia but the raising of the ante rather simply to calm things down negotiate is definitely coming from america . as a boy fielder you're seeing him looked up into the night sky and dreamed of one day becoming a cosmic up and three decades later that dream became reality you can learn more about his journey on this channel beginning from tomorrow but here's a short clip. the slowness of the mood of them so
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much. good news over the course was before. much of those who heard it's a preview are few of them you should see him with the north we will forgo. the good . folk move really. shouldn't look beautiful i mean it's it's going to look good. more muslim also these girls will give you forms for good girls. don't go to shows so look i do the same you want me to show it's door to you should go. to starbucks to take it to me to fill it with the little one wished they'd say look it is it's. just not a chance to just leave the mashed on. mr president and it's been trying this
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project until. the three of producers to go to school to snap them up and do it because those are the girls with you for your supporters to your shoes station shouldn't for you should cook door for the one who's doing business. that's a wrap up of today's top headlines for this hour but i'll be back in about thirty minutes with another global update or you can always head to our web site r.t. dot com for more details on all of today's stories.
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while the two thousand any financial crash drives america into recession and unemployment willis and a small town in north dakota experiences a genuine black gold rush. thanks to a drug fracking techniques or oil is discovered in this tiny town in fact it turns out that williston is sitting atop one of the largest shale oil fields in the nation company's rest explained this new energy resource period thirty two miles below the first surface oil soon flows freely and news spreads the wildfire for the ones left behind by the crisis of two thousand and eight relisted seems like their
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last chance for you in life with an unemployment rate of zero percent and wages it three or four times more than the national average the promise of prosperity in desperate times is too great to ignore children by a common hope thousands of men and women throw themselves once again into a desperate rush towards the mythical american tree and at any cost. history repeats itself in the midst of this new boom no doubt the most impressive and u.s. history. they need there's more work out here than they got able to do it. don't believe. i still believe there's a dream i want you to get you still believe. it. is like a gold rush it is very very similar to a gold rush. aldouri
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was fresh out of cincinnati in two thousand and twelve after being unemployed for months he hears about the boom happening in williston. at first he works for an oil company but soon his desire for independence takes over and he sets up his own service company. bought the company and we had a sweeper truck and the situation and then went from a manageable situation where i would get like some sleep at night and i could like keep up with like daily activities like taking showers every day to like an all out sprint trying to like keep up with so much work it was amazing go from one job to the next to the next to the next to the next as it is now i have not right now i have not taken a full day off in over nine months and i'm very thankful i'm here and not
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complaining one bit very thankful for the money an opportunity for those like someone who had been starving for years for like money like all of a sudden there's like. all you can eat. buffet and all you have to do is go out there and get the work done and people give you money to do it was amazing this year i'm probably going to be making around two hundred fifty thousand dollars is a lot of work involved a lot of work it's twenty four hours a day seven days a week. well i guess i should get back to work. here in an inhospitable the handful of contrasts before the williston was a small conservative agricultural town and in many ways this aspect seems untouched everything has its own place including florida emptiness and silence the streets are practically deserted it's a town that.


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